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Public Bus Transportation:

Fixed-route transportation services are the most practical forms of public transportation available. They operate on a schedule and stop at specific locations along the route.  This lets you know where and when you can board and when you will arrive at your destination.  Because of this, fixed-route services require less planning than using paratransit or other modes of travel. 

Public Transit Services operating in eastern Connecticut:

· CT Transit -has services which provide connections to Hartford from Storrs (913) and Willimantic and Coventry (918).


· Estuary Transit District (provides a Southeast Shuttle serving the towns of New London, East Lyme, Old Lyme and Old Saybrook with free transfers to Southeast Area Transit District)

Tel:  860-510-0429


· Northeast CT Transit District (serving towns in the northeast region providing deviated fixed-route service)

Tel:  860-774-3902


· Windham Region Transit District (serving towns in the Windham Region)

Tel:  860-456-2223


· Southeast Area Transit District (serving towns in the southeastern region)

Tel:  860-886-2631


Finding the right bus:

For information on routes, see each provider’s website or contact them directly.  Our Mobility Information Specialist can also work with you to help navigates the schedules or you may contact a CTrides Representative: 1-877-CTRIDES (1-877-287-4337) for assistance.

If you have a disability that makes it difficult or impossible to use the bus, you may call each transit provider regarding their ADA Service or contact our Mobility Information Specialist for alternative options.

Other Bus Services: 

Peter Pan Bonanza Bus


Tel:  1-800-343-9999

Peter Pan Bonanza bus is a long-distance bus carrier providing service to the following areas:  Boston, Massachusetts; Providence, Rhode Island; Springfield, Massachusetts; Hartford, Connecticut; New York; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Baltimore, Maryland; Washington, D.C. as well as areas in between.

Greyhound Bus Lines 


Fare and schedule information
Tel:  1-800-231-2222

Assistance for customers with disabilities
Tel:  1-800-752-4841

Greyhound is a provider of bus transportation to most cities across the United States.

The Sprague Senior Center offers a transportation service that is open to the general public and is a courtesy of the Town of Sprague and the Senior Center.  The service can be used for:

             Medical appointments


             Senior Center Activities

(Sprague to/from Occum)

Service runs Monday through Thursday except for holidays.

The Bus will follow the school closure schedule during the winter.  Be sure to watch early morning television for closures and turn to Channels 3, 8 and 30.

For more information contact:

Sprague Senior Center Coordinator

Tel:  860-822-3000 ext. 203


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