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The Eastern CT Travel Voucher Program is a transportation service that provides subsidized taxi, livery or wheelchair accessible rides to enrolled, eligible participants residing in eastern Connecticut.  The purpose of this program is to provide an affordable, accessible transportation alternative when existing transit services are not able to meet their transportation need.  This service will allow the individual greater flexibility to employment, healthcare facilities, shopping, education, etc.


Please Note:  Vouchers cannot be used for transportation to/from school for grades k-12. 



This travel voucher program is operated by the Eastern Connecticut Transportation Consortium, Inc. (ECTC) and is funded through New Freedom Initiative.

For further information on the Eastern CT Travel Voucher Program, please call ECTC

at 860-848-5910.


ECTC retains the right to modify the Eastern CT Travel Voucher Program at any time due to budget and /or other constraints.

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